Art Auctions - Take Home Some Amazing Pieces for Great Prices

We set up rows of Artwork each day at the Expo, Donated by the expo's Artists, Members of Gaskyl Productions, or from donations collected from great artists around the US.  Each piece is labeled with information and a silent bidding sheet, which is viewed and bid on all day long.  At night, we turn it into a live auction and do last call on the Art. 
-We get so much Art donated, we usually have over 30 Pieces each day, which keeps the bidding prices spread out and low.
-All Art at last call must be paid in Cash.  All funds get Donated to the Fuel The Arts Benefit.  Read more Below...
-You do not have to be present to win, just leave your phone number on the sheet and if you do not get out bid, we will call you.

Art in Auction - at 2017 Expo

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Gaskyl Productions is an event hosting company that likes to give back at every event that we do.
At Fuel the Arts Tattoo Conventions, We do many Art events, collaborations, games, & Art work thats donated from expo Artists as well as Artists from all over the Country.  All these funds are raised to purchase Art supplies & donated to local After School Programs, which we volunteer at weekly.  Art is also used for many events throughout the year.  We love to provide Free Kids Art Tables, Art events, games, raffles, contests, & Much More!  We've also used the funds when Artists are need of help, anything from a death in the family, to a loss from a fire.  
_If interested in donating Artwork to the Auction, please contact us. 
All donating Artists will get credit online, diaplyed at the expo, & Live announcements throughout the weekend.


Silent Auction during Day Friday & Saturday, Live Final Auction at Night

Artwork From Expo Sponsors

Hand Carved & Wood Turned items donated from...
Eagle Wolf Trail Wood Carving & Wood Turning

Prints & Painting by
Joe Lund-Rodriguez

Prints Donated By Matt Christensen
Stop by and see his work in the Tattoo Booth
Create Tattoo & Art Studio

Dream Catchers donated by
Raven's Dreams

Pen & Ink Prints Donated by
Janet Descoteaux

Hand Made Ceremic Ouija Board
Davin Targett

Collaborative Painting

H.R.Giger Print   -   Bob Marley print by Lexine Graham  -   Tattoo Machine Print by Kyle Ruse

Final Benefit totals from 2016 FTA-
Art & Merchandise Auctions
$1537 Raised for After School Programs, Artists,
& Families in need of help
$1733 Was raised in the Mike Perry
Family Memorial Benefit